Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of parent volunteers, and oversees the management of Bright Starts. The Board sets the annual budget (including monthly fees),approves policies, and provides strategic direction for the centre.
The Board of Directors is elected for 2 year terms by the membership (families at Bright Starts) at the AGM in May of each year. The Board meets monthly and the minutes are posted on the website and in the centre.
In addition to the Board, parent volunteers run and support Bright Starts through the following committees:

  • Finance
  • Personnel and Policy
  • Staff Engagement
  • Communications
  • Nominating Committee
  • Health and Safety
  • Fundraising
  • Other ad hoc committees as needed

Please refer to the Board Descriptions for additional details.

Should you have a comment or suggestion for the Board, please click here or submit your feedback in the comment box located by the main entrance. If you’re interested in learning more about joining the Board of Directors, please email the nominating committee.

Our 2020/2021 Board of Directors

Executive Board



PRESIDENT – Robilyn Vanos Avery Au Jessica Achebe
VICE PRESIDENT – Edwin Ng Anthony Oyeyi Mariam Hassan
PAST PRESIDENT Eleanor Doe Michelle Bauer
TREASURER – Emily Kozlowski Elizabeth (Lula) Woldemariam Sarah Wytsma
SECRETARY– Angie Docking Julia Metelka

Meeting Minutes


January 17th April 18th August 15 November 21st
February 28th May 16th September 19th
March 21st June 20th October 17th


January 18th April 19th August 16th December 13th
February 15th May 17th September 20th
March 15th June 21st October 18th


January 19th April 20th August 17th November 16th
February 16th May 18th September 21st
March 16th June 15th October 19th


January 21st March 26th April 21st June 25th August 18th October 20th
February 18th March 30th May 12th July 6th August 27th November 17th
March 17th April 1st June 16th July 28th September 15th December 15th


January 15th April 16th August 20th November 19th
February 19th May 14th September 17th
March 19th June 18th October 15th


January 16th               April 17th               July 17th                       November 20th

February 20th             May 15th               September 18th            November 27th

March 20th                 June 19th              October 23rd


January 17th              April 25th                  August 15th                 November 21st

February 21st             May 16th                  September 19th           November 28th

March 21st                 June 20th                 October 17th