Duties of the Board Member

With the respect to legal requirements, three main duties for each Board Member are to:

  • Follow the letters patent and the by-laws.
  • Exercise appropriate care.
  • Comply with the Child Care Early Years Act, 2014 and other regulatory bodies.

Board Members:

  • Are elected for a two year term.
  • May be appointed by the Board to fill vacancies.
  • Elect amongst themselves a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and any other such officers as the Board may determine.
  • Will not be paid.
  • Are covered by Director’s Liability Insurance.

Officers of the Board

The Officers comprise the Executive Committee.  The Executive Director and Managers are non-voting Officers.  The immediate Past-President continues as an Officer of the Board of Directors, and attends any Executive Committee Meetings.

The President is charged with the general management and supervision of the affairs and operations of Bright Starts, presides at all the meetings for the membership and of the Board of Directors, and serves as an ex-officio member of any and all standing board committees.

The Vice-President shall exercise the powers and duties of the President if the President is absent or unable and serves as the Chair of the Nominating Committee and the Personnel and Policy Committee.

The Secretary acts as the clerk of the Board of Directors, attending all meetings and recording all minutes.

The Treasurer ensures that full and accurate financial records are kept and reports the financial position of Bright Starts to the Board of Directors as well as chairing the Finance Committee.

Standing Committees

Include the Executive Committee, Nominating Committee, Personnel and Policy Committee, Finance Committee, Health and Safety Committee, Parent Communications Committee and Staff Engagement Committee.

Each committee is made up of at least three people and is chaired by a Board Member.  The President and Executive Director are ex-officio members of each standing committee.

The Executive Committee

  • The Executive Committee is chaired by the President and includes all Officers of the Board (President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary, Past President).
  • Has the power of the Board to transact any time-sensitive business between meetings.
  • Meets in advance of each board meeting to prepare.

The Nominating Committee

  • The Nominating Committee is chaired by the Vice-President
  • Prepares a recommended slate of nominations for the Board from the membership.
    • Search for, screen candidates
    • Propose a slate of candidates for appointment as Directors and Officers for the Board of Directors to approve
    • Present the slate at the Annual General Meeting Fill any remaining positions following the AGM, if necessary
  • Fill any remaining positions following the AGM, if necessary

 The Personnel and Policy Committee

  • Recommends to the Board the policies, standards and conditions of work for all staff and volunteers.
  • Advises the Board on all staff appointments and dismissals.
  • Is chaired by the Vice-President

The Finance Committee

  • Prepares the budget and obtains the funds necessary for Bright Starts’ operation.
  • Makes recommendations to the Board on all financial matters.
  • Is chaired by the Treasurer

The Fundraising Committee

  • Raises funds to supplement the financial needs of Bright Starts. This includes organizing fundraisers, volunteering during fundraising initiative, organizing and recruiting volunteers to assist with events.
  • Typically these funds support special projects and activities that would not normally be covered by fees.

The Health and Safety Committee

  • Reviews policies and procedures for the health and safety of Bright Starts.
  • Co-ordinates with the University’s Safety Office for the safe and healthy operations of Bright Starts.
  • May assist the Executive Director to guide or direct health and safety inspections as necessary.  

Parent Communications Committee

  • Reviews all communications to members (e.g. emails, newsletters, etc.)
  • Collects feedback from staff and Bright Starts members and presents these findings to the Board of Directors and all staff.
  • Suggests changes to communications and/or communications strategies, if needed.

Staff Engagement Committee

  • Reviews staff survey to understand needs
  • Organizes staff engagement events and initiatives (e.g. appreciation dinner)
  • Collects feedback from staff after engagement events/initiatives to make enhancements to future initiatives