All exterior doors are enabled with Authorized Access Control.  Upon completion of registration parents will be provided with Key Fobs and asked to sign our Key Fob Agreement allowing access to Bright Starts CELC through the main door. All Key Fobs must be returned upon withdrawal from the centre.  Any lost Key Fobs must be reported to the Executive Director immediately and can be replaced at a cost to the parent.  For the security and well-being of our children key fobs should not be shared permitting others to have unauthorized access to the centre.  If someone other than an authorized Key Fob holder will be picking up your child they will need to ring the buzzer and wait to gain access to the centre by a staff member.

A secured access entrance can create a false sense of security at times; especially if members hold the door open for others behind them.  To minimize this risk, say hello, get to know the other parents and don’t be afraid to ask someone which room their child is in or tell them that they’ll need to wait and use their own Key Fob or speak to a staff before entering.

Bright Starts Early Learning Building