Bright Starts CELC uses the Personally Approved Payment Authorization method of collecting monthly child care fees. Payments will automatically be withdrawn from an authorized account on the first day of every month. One months’ notice will be given prior to any adjustments made to increase or decrease in monthly child care fee payments. Parents are required to give written notice to the centre’s Executive Director or CHild Care Manager regarding any changes to account information by the 15th day of the previous month and 2 months written notice prior to withdrawing their child(ren) from the centre. If you are unable to provide the required two months notice of withdrawal your $500.00 registration fee will be forfeited. Accounts with Non-Sufficient Funds will be charged a $25.00 bank handling charge. If fees are not remitted by the first day of the month they are due, a $25.00 late fee will apply. A further $25.00 late fee will apply for every additional week payment is not received. If reimbursement of the outstanding fees is not received by the first day of the next month child care may be denied unless special arrangements have been made with the Executive Director.

The full monthly fee is withdrawn regardless of the number of days in the month, absenteeism, vacation, inclement weather, childcare closure and/or statutory holidays.

Families who are interested in learning about fee subsidies available through the Region and wish to inquire may contact the Subsidy Office at 519-883-4400 or visit the Region of Waterloo website, University of Waterloo Undergraduate and Graduate Students who are interested in learning about bursary opportunities, are encouraged to review the Student Awards and Financial Aid Office and Graduate Studies Office websites.

An annual membership fee of $50.00 per family will be charged every May and added on to your regular monthly fee paid through pre-authorized payment. A reminder will be given to families one month prior to the collection of the fee as per our pre-authorized payment agreement. This membership fee entitles you to be a Member of the Cooperative.

Income Tax Receipts

Income tax receipts will be issued in February for the previous year’s fees. Families requesting duplicate tax receipts will be charged a $10.00 fee for each duplicate they require.

Fee Schedule – 2018

Fee Schedule – 2019