Health & Illness

All children, staff, students and volunteers must have up-to-date immunization records.  Anyone not immunized against one or more diseases must have written exemption from the local Health Unit.  Parents must regularly update the child’s immunization records.

Staff will take the time to make general observations about the children’s health.  Communication is very important, staff and parents need to share information daily about the children’s health in order to minimize illnesses, germs, and diseases. Should your child become ill during the day or an undiagnosed rash is observed parents will be contacted to pick their child up as quickly as possible. Parents are required to complete and submit medical information prior to their child’s admission into the program, including up to date immunization records and any pertinent medical information such as allergies and other medical conditions.

The following are our illness procedures:

DIARRHEA:  If a child has one episode of diarrhea while in attendance at Bright Starts CELC the staff will watch for other signs of illness.  If other signs of illness are present, the parents will be notified to come pick up their child, if there are no other signs of illness the staff will inform the parents at the end of the day.  If a child has more than one episode of diarrhea during the day, the child will be separated from his/her group and the parents will be contacted to pick up their child.  Parents are required to keep their child at home until they have not had an episode for 24hrs.  In the event of an outbreak, the exclusion period may be increased to 48 hours.

VOMITING:  If a child vomits while at Bright Starts CELC, the child will be separated from his/her group and their parents will be contacted to pick them up.  Parents are required to keep their child at home until they have not had an episode for 24hrs.  In the event of an outbreak, the exclusion period may be increased to 48 hours.

FEVER:  Fever is a sign of underlying illness, not an illness itself.  How a child acts is the best indicator as to how they are feeling.  If your child is showing signs of irritability, listlessness, drowsiness, or not able to fully participate in the program, the parents will be contacted to pick him/her up.

The above information combined with the following degrees show the procedure staff will follow when determining if a child should remain in care at Bright Starts CELC.

  • 98.6 – Normal
  • 100.0 Low grade temperature – Call parents so they are aware their child has a fever
  • 101.0 Too high for teething, maybe something else – Call parents to prepare for pick up or come now (parents’ choice)
  • 102.0 Pick up IMMEDIATELY – Call emergency contacts if not able to get a hold of parents

Parents should not send their child to the centre if they have a fever prior to their attendance, nor should they administer medications to mask a fever/illness in order for their child to attend. 

COMMUNICABLE DISEASES:  Bright Starts is required to post for parents and report to the local Heath Department if a “person has or may have a reportable disease or may be infected with an agent of a communicable disease.”  Each communicable disease has its own guidelines for reportability/exclusion/treatment; parents are encouraged to ask if they are unsure whether or not their child should be excluded from the program.

Bright Starts CELC implements enhanced practices and exclusion periods for the listed communicable diseases.

  • Conjunctivitis (Pinkeye)
  • Chicken Pox
  • Head Lice

Should you suspect your child has one of the above communicable diseases or any other communicable disease please seek guidance from our child care staff regarding whether or not your child should be excluded from the program.


Parents are strongly advised to give medications to children prior to daily attendance if they can be administered without affecting their daily treatment schedule.

When it is necessary for a drug or medication to be given while in attendance, the medication must be administered to a child from its original container as supplied by the pharmacist and the container or package is clearly labeled with the child’s name, the name of the drug or medication, the dosage of the drug or medication, the date of purchase and expiration and instruction for storage and administration.

All drugs/medications shall be accompanied by written authorization and instruction signed by the parent (medication-form-fillable).  Medication Forms must be accurately completed by the parent.  If the above mentioned are not completed, the medication cannot be administered.

Bright Starts CELC will not administer non-prescription drugs.  Non-prescription drugs should not be administered prior to a child’s attendance to reduce a fever or mask other symptoms to keep a child at the centre when they should potentially be at home or visiting a doctor.  Parents will be advised to seek professional medical care if symptoms persist which affect their child’s day. An exception may be made for fever medication/allergy medication to be kept on file and administered if it is accompanied by a doctor’s note for an already on-going diagnosed ailment i.e. febrile seizures, severe allergy, (drugs will not be administered by weight unless accompanied by written authorisation from a physician). If a child has fever medication on file it may be administered with parental consent by an assigned staff for a one time emergency use, i.e. in order to reduce the risk of a febrile seizure until parents arrive (parents must be on their way). Parents are not to leave any medication in their child’s cubby.