Personal Possessions

Please be sure to clearly label all you’re your child’s personal belongings with their name.

We understand the necessity for each child to feel safe and secure in his/her environment and sometimes that may include a special toy or blanket. However, please recognize toys from home are often misplaced, broken or the cause of disagreements. For these reasons we require parents support in limiting the children bringing in their personal belongings.

At no time will guns or any other violent toys be permitted at Bright Starts CELC.

Clothing worn by your child should be suitable for play, we do encourage children to wear smocks over their clothing during sensory and craft activities however children are active and they still find ways to get messy. Please be sure your child has a change of clothes every day including pants, shirt, underwear, and socks. All children will have a personal cubby; part-time children may need to share a cubby, where they can keep their personal belongings. All children are outside for play twice daily during all seasons (weather permitting), our Canadian weather can at times be very unpredictable, please be sure your child has appropriate outdoor clothing, sun hat, splash pants, sweater or light jacket and rain boots during the spring and summer months. Winter hats, 2 pairs of mittens, jacket, snow pants and snow boots should be available for the fall, winter and early spring months. Indoor shoes to wear year round are a must.

Bright Starts Early Learning Centre