Our committed Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECE) are all registered through the College of Early Childhood Educators, and are trained in First Aid and CPR. Educators are carefully selected and screened to meet the needs of Bright Starts, children and their families. Our RECE’s participate in continuous professional learning, which helps them remain current in their knowledge, skills, and professional values. They reflect on their practice, and identify ways in which they can grow professionally.

Our Registered Early Childhood Educators balance opportunities for children to figure out how the world works and how to overcome challenges.

Our educators view children as:

  • Competent, curious, and motivated learners.
  • Individuals who bring valuable knowledge, ideas, and experiences about their physical and social world to the classroom.
  • Individuals who begin to make sense of their world from the moment they are born.
  • Active learners and social learners.
  • Individuals who come to our programs influenced by family, gender, culture, and previous experience.
  • Individuals with a variety of learning styles and ways of understanding and constructing knowledge.

Volunteers and Students do not have unsupervised access to the children in attendance at Bright Starts, nor can they be counted in the staffing ratio. No child will be supervised by a person less than 18 years of age.

Bright Start educators

Educator Teams

Team Supervisors – Hayam (Infant and Toddler), Chrisanne (Preschool)
Infants – Debora, Ellie, Jacqueline and Tara
Toddler 1 – Lesley, Emily and Adrianna
Toddler 2 – Jodie, Skyler, Tejmati and Adrianna
Toddler 3 – Katrina, Shanzida, Vanessa and Emma
Toddler 4 – Dana, Leanne, Rebecca and Emma
Toddler 5 – Sarah, Victoria and Vanessa
Preschool 1 – Anzhela, Lyndsay, Tien and Ayesha/Rebekha (enhanced staff)
Preschool 2 – Laura, Sweety and Kiran
Preschool 3 – Gabriela, Sara and Kiran
Preschool 4 – Marcia, Jessica and Kiran
Preschool 5 – Ganna, Danielle and Tien
Centre Educator – Kia
Kitchen – Jacki, Hanan and Panyia

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