When circumstances make it necessary to withdraw from Bright Starts for any reason, please complete our Withdrawal Form. Two months written notice from the final date of attendance is required. Payment is required for the full monthly fee for the month in which the final date of attendance occurs. There are no prorated fees for partial months. If parents are unable to provide this notice, the $500.00 registration fee will be forfeited. With notice, parents may choose to donate their registration fee, or have it deducted from their final monthly fee.

If planning to withdraw a child for a long term leave of absence, (i.e. maternity leave, sabbatical, etc.) two months’ notice is still required. Should parents require care following a leave, it is the responsibility of the parent to place their child(ren) back on OneList. For short term leave of absences (e.g. one to two months’ vacation) full fees will still be due for each month the child is away. This will guarantee the child’s spot upon their return.

If parents wish to request change to a child’s program status (i.e. full-time to part-time or visa versa) two months written notice will still be required. Please keep in mind change in program status requests cannot be guaranteed, however every effort will be made to accommodate the child as soon as possible.